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Hey, sorry I haven't been very active on here, but I've been all sad and everything. Broke up with my girlfriend of a year, that I was full on in love with. Ended really abruptly. So am nursing a broken heart. Things got a little fucked up after we broke up. Her ignoring me. Me flicking between emotions and doing stupid things to cope and all. We started talking again today. She made the first move and apologised, which was nice seeing as she was ignoring me. I think our relationship as friends will be able to be rebuilt now. I still want her back though, and I'm still in love with her, which she does know. It angers me that she doesn't want to try again though. I find that really stupid, based on everything she said about me, and how much she used to love me and everything. Everything we had and that.
I suppose that makes me really emo, doesn't it? Har. Whoop-de-doo.
How are you lot, I suppose I should ask now. So, how are you?